Size & Care Guide

Our size guides on individual product pages also show US, European and UK equivalent sizes.
Shoe sizes can vary between shoe styles, particularly toe and upper shapes that may affect the general fit. In addition, there are several sizing systems used globally which can cause a little confusion. For this reason we encourage you to look at the individual style’s Size Guide as provided in the product information area on all product shopping pages prior to purchasing. Use the measurements together with the below guide to determine the best possible fit. We would hate to send you a pair that are the incorrect size for you!

Our shoes are made with love and we hope you will take very good care of them. Our tips and cleaning advice below will help you care for your shoes, so they will last and embellish your feet for years to come!

Soak a cloth or sponge in water and wipe down your surface. You’ll want to use warm water. Wiping this way will catch dust, dirt and other debris. Polyurethane is more easily cleaned than normal leather, and this is sufficient for daily care and lightly soiled surfaces. Use a bar of soap on tougher grime. Whether dealing with a stain or dirt that’s been rubbed in, simple water might not be sufficient. Use unscented soap to ensure no chemicals or possible residue will affect the leather. Rub the bar on the tougher grime. You can also use liquid soap or a dish detergent for this step. Wipe away any soap with a wet cloth. Wipe thoroughly until the surface is completely clear of soap.Leaving the soap on the surface could damage it. Wipe your surface down with a dry cloth to speed the drying process. Polishing: Apply regular shoe polish colour on a smaller area. If it matches the colour of the shoes, apply it properly on the whole shoe.

Mix up a cleaning solution. Using a mixture of laundry detergent and warm water. Into a large bowl, mix 1/4 cup laundry detergent and 2 cups warm water. If your shoes are extremely dirty, you may need to mix up a clean batch for the second shoe. Prepare a second bowl of clean water. You'll use this to rinse your dishcloth as you clean your shoes. Dip a washcloth or brush in the solution and scrub your shoes. Work on one section at a time, dipping your cloth/brush in the water and scrubbing your shoes in a circular motion.Go back over the shoes with a clean wet cloth. Use it to wipe away any dirt and soap residue remaining on your shoes. Stuff the shoes with napkins and let them air dry. Using paper will help your shoes keep their shape as they dry.

Brush off dirt. Using a soft-bristled brush, get rid of as much dirt and other particles as you can. Spray the shoes with cleaner. Use alcohol or a soap-and-water solution. Spray small areas at a time, and brush each area with a toothbrush or soft-bristled brush. Allow the shoes to air dry. When they are dry, brush them with a dry, soft-bristled brush if necessary to buff the fabric and restore the microsuede’s soft texture.

Keep your shoes free of dust by storing them in a box. Don't throw your shoes in a heap! They’re likely to get beat up...

Replace the heel cap sooner rather than later to maintain the beauty of your heels.

If possible, try to avoid puddles, cobblestones, gravel, or grass. Bring a pair of back-up flats for dashing through inclement weather and uneven surfaces!