About us

We are an animal-free shoes and accessories brand situated in the beautiful countryside of southern Sweden. Right by the ocean and the wild, breathtaking nature reserve of Kullaberg is where everything comes to life. On the second floor at the unique Magasin 36 we breathe, create and enjoy our common philosophy of compassion and love.

Meet the team:

Sofie Bly
Founder, Co-owner and Head of Design 

Sofie Bly was a designer, dancer and bon vivant living and breathing Florence, Italy and nothing could stop her free spirit from enjoying life... Until her Turquoise Renault caught fire in the middle of the Italian highway, and she made some new decisions for herself and her life. Next chapter meant assembling, grounding and eventually landing back home in Sweden. New values and perspectives were channeled into creating a life full of meaning and design full of purpose. With 20 years of experience within design from an International fashionscene Sofie is now dedicated to make a difference with her creations and In 2011 she founded Sofie Bly that later would become Love Sofie. Sofies passion for life can be seen in every design and her compassion is part of the brands ethos.
Reach out to Sofie if you have any thoughts, ideas or comments regarding the design and production of our products. There’s no question to small or to big for a call, we love to hear what’s on your mind.
Sofie: sofie@sofiebly.se

Emma Hedin
Co-owner and Brand Director
After 20 years in Stockholm working crazy hours as brand consultant in top advertising agencies, Emma needed to find a more living, giving and passionate lifestyle.She found Höganäs with its beaches, the nature, blooming business and Entrepreneurs worth to move for. Her knowledge, experience and hunger for entrepreneurship led her to Sofie and two passionate souls became one. With a heart that beats for every living creature and a strong desire to see change were it's needed Emma has taken on the exciting task of communicating, building and running the grounded fashion-values of Love Sofie.
Reach out to Emma for any questions regarding the PR and marketing.
There’s no question to small or to big for a call, we love to hear what’s on your mind.
Emma: emma@sofiebly.se

Josefine Marklund
Co-owner and Assistant of Everything
Josefine´s travels and passion for exotic and colorful places has influenced her every step in life. Her love for nature and everything flourishing has brought her and her South- American family to Kullabygden where she has found the perfect balance for her vibrant soul.
At Love Sofie Josefine passionately takes on every task with the skills of a juggler and her experience as both business-owner and business-developer is invaluable within the team.
Please reach out to Josefine for anything and everything.
There’s no question to small or to big for a call, we love to hear what’s on your mind.
Josefine: josefine@sofiebly.se

Convinced that animal-free is the only way to be, our goal is to make sure that all vegans are spoiled with great style, comfort and quality!

Thank you for buying our products and contributing to a beautiful and friendly world!

I´ts cool to be kind!

Love Sofie