We are a team of strong, passionate and visionary women that believe that everything is possible once you set your mind to it.

We want to be innovative and responsible considering the future, not just the future of design, but also the future of the planet.

We know that it takes attention and care to create something valuable and we know that when something is done with transparency and compassion further value is added.

We want to give our customers a unique experience and the possibility to wear not only what looks amazing, but also a product that IS amazing! Quality, design, sustainability and compassion all wrapped up in one beautiful item. 

We are a small company with huge ambition and a common goal: To wake up each morning knowing that we contribute to making a fashionably kind world!


At Love Sofie we believe in collaboration and communication as the perfect combo to fortify our expression.
We therefore team up with local artists and young upcoming talents to co-create and form new ways to boost the Love Sofie experience.

Thank you for buying our products and contributing to a beautiful and friendly world. I´ts cool to be kind!

Love Sofie