At Sofie we do not think that any animal should give their life for the sake of fashion.

We commit to never use leather, skins, feathers or fur in any of our products, collaborations or licensed products. This is a decision that we stand behind both ethically and environmentally.

Recent studies by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NGOs such as PETA have shown us that the meat and leather industry is one of the most environmentally damaging in the world.

Meat and leather production is responsible for 18% of all man-made greenhouse gases in the world. Compare this to transportation, which only accounts for 13% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The chemicals used in leather tanning makes it one of most toxic industries in the world. Chrome, a known carcinogen, is used in huge quantities and the groundwater near leather tanneries in developing countries has been found to contain critically high levels of lead, formaldehyde and even cyanide.